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08 Apr 2022

How to Begin with a Security Company Birmingham

Choosing a career in security guard services is not an easy task. This job is quite challenging as your life is at stake. However, if you are passionate and thoughtful about starting this as your career, here is how you can begin. We come with the best courses you can choose to excel in this […]

Choosing a career in security guard services is not an easy task. This job is quite challenging as your life is at stake. However, if you are passionate and thoughtful about starting this as your career, here is how you can begin.

We come with the best courses you can choose to excel in this career. This blog will enhance your knowledge, allow you to select the course that interests you the most, and make your “Security Job London” a success.

SIA (Security Industry Authority)

SIA is a regulator for the UK’s private security industry. All training centers in the UK offer SIA training to individuals to provide a better understanding of security guard services leading to jobs.

Due to lack of training and non-professionalism, SIA licences became mandatory in 2001 to raise training standards and ensure that the security guards have no criminal records.

This training will allow you to become a professional security guard with an SIA badge and open the gates of opportunities in security guard services.

As for a Security Company Birmingham or London”, this course is a legal requirement for a professional Strat-up. Anyone working without an SIA licence faces a heavy fine.

SIA Gives Training in Various Roles:

  1. Close Protection
  2. Door Supervision
  3. CCTV
  4. Security Guard

Close Protection:

Close protection officers are also known as bodyguards providing a high level of security to individuals and organisations.

Bodyguards ensure the safety of people from:

  • Physical harm
  • Unwanted attention
  • Other threats

If your business is among one of the major Security Companies in London, SIA will allow you a high-profile role of protecting VIPs, celebrities, barristers, etc.

Learning edge: 

This course requires practical demonstration to plan, prepare, and implement as you deal with clients personally. You can learn how to handle and manage clients and their situations according to the circumstances independently. It is the level 3 course that will prepare you to deal with the more complex possibilities.

Door Supervisor:

A person employed to provide security service in or at a licenced premises building or event that is licenced to sell alcohol is a door supervisor.

Security guard services with an SIA door supervisor licence will allow working in bars, malls, offices, buildings, and shops. This course will help you learn the roles and responsibilities when working on such premises. You will comprehend how to perform tasks safely according to legal requirements.

It also entails ethics as a Door Supervisor because you are one of the leading men responsible for its reputation. If you do any immoral thing, your company will be answerable.

That’s why Woodwill security gives Door Supervision Services. Our door supervisors are well trained and comprehensive. All our staff are fully SIA-approved and experienced to provide maximum protection to the licensed premises so you can enjoy your time without fear.

CCTV Security:

CCTV security officers are primarily working from the desk. Their central responsibility is to monitor the events or locations and watch every activity. They are responsible for daily system checks and make sure cameras are 100 percent functional.

Learning Edge: 

This course will allow you to learn how to operate cameras and store copies of incidents. An individual will also learn data protection and privacy-related issues. Furthermore, you will also learn to maintain daily logs, shift reports and incident reports. This is the best if you don’t want to work in the field.

Security Guard:

Every company, property or organisation needs a security guard. A security guard is someone who protects your area from any harm. They monitor surveillance equipment, perform building inspections, verify visitors and guard entry points.

Learning Edge:

This course will teach you the security guard’s roles and responsibilities and how to deal with any problem while protecting the particular area from any suspicious activity.

Key Difference Between Door Supervisor, Security Officer and Close Protection Officers

Security officers are the one who provides safety to properties and sometimes to customers or people using that property. But they are not licenced because they sometimes guard empty properties to protect them against possible damage or unapproved camps. If a security officer guards into the licenced premises, they will need a door supervisor licence.

After getting the door supervisor licence, they will be entitled to protect the people or places that come into licenced premises, including bars, pubs, or many more.

Their primary responsibility is to protect the individual during high-profile events where their safety is at risk. When it comes to close protection officers, they are more like personal bodyguards as they have to deal with people face to face. This type of role needs more mobility as these individuals have to move.

Vigilance is essential while choosing a security guard as a career because this will allow you to take immediate action in any problematic situation. Your level of attention will make you a good security officer, and all these courses will teach you how to be vigilant.

You can choose from these courses to get equally good training to excel in this career. When you complete these courses, you will apply for an SIA licence. This SIA licence means that you are now trained and have the necessary knowledge and awareness of resolving conflicts. After getting the SIA licence, you are ready to serve, and the gate of opportunities in a security guard career will open for you.

Woodwill security services is an SIA licence-approved company providing the complete security solution. Whether you need security for your business, events, education, or yourself, we have thoroughly trained and qualified experts who will fill your security requirement.

You can join Woodwill security and have the opportunity to enhance your skills while working in the company. We are well equipped and ensure response time since we are rapid and reliable. As for our staff, we always hire passionate individuals with training and skills.