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Key Holding & Alarm Response

At Woodwill Security Services we offer a 24/7 key holding and alarm response service to large/small companies and individuals. Our key holding and alarm response service eliminates inconvenience and risk. Our response service can be linked to a wide range of devices that are capable of sending a signal alarm. We offer this service for all alarm systems such as door alarms, fire alarms or panic alarms. 

Reliable and affordable service

Woodwill Security Services can relieve all of the pressure for your business’s security needs. We will respond in the fastest time possible to any activations. We offer a 24/7 service which can put your mind at ease knowing that your business is protected at all times – at an affordable price. 

All of our staff are fully trained and SIA licensed security operatives who are available to respond to emergency and non-emergency activations – taking on the responsibility of fully protecting your business in any potentially threatening situations. 

We will also send you a full activation report following the response and will provide you with expert advice on the security of your premises. 

Currently using an employee to attend to alarm activations?

Employers should be cautious about requesting employees to respond to out of hour alarm activations as there are several risks involved which could be fatal to an untrained employee responding to an activation. 

You as an employer will need to make sure you have up to date health and safety policies and lone worker risk assessments in place. You need to be confident that your employee can manage if they are confronted by an offender.

There are several challenges and risks associated with having a staff member act as a key holder for out of hour activation of alarms. We aim to eliminate these risks to your employees by taking on the responsibility of responding to all out of hours activations.

If you are giving an employee the key holder and alarm response responsibility, have you addressed all of the risks associated with the task? 

Is your employee equipped to deal with potentially dangerous situations?

Have they received relevant conflict management training?

Are you as an employer completely covered in the event of an attack by an offender? 

Do you have adequate cover in place in the event of sickness or annual leave? 

Is your staff member reliable? 

These are all serious questions that must be addressed when giving an employee key holder responsibility. 

To find out more about our key holding and alarm activation service please contact us on 0207 993 4233