Innovating with Dominus Tech


14 January 2021

Innovating with Dominus Tech

Following a successful trial of Dominus EYE, Dominus Tech started partnership scoping with Woodwill Security Services.

As an established security services provider with a reputation for delivering professional and client focussed services to a wide custom base, Woodwill realised that to maintain an advantage in a competitive and often low margin industry they must adopt innovative data-driven practices to maximise their effectiveness as a business and within their client-facing operations.

The answer was in Dominus EYE. Woodwill were quick to realise how our fact-driven data analysis platform was able to quickly and efficiently demonstrate where unnecessary financial losses were occurring and where immediate improvements could be made to optimise both the business practices and its front-line operational performances.

Why has this partnership been successful? Firstly our fundamentals are aligned in that we strive to continuously achieve Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork; Woodwills core values. Secondly, both parties know that whatever we endeavour to do must achieve the right outcomes quickly and efficiently in order to maximize effectiveness within the business and to our clients. Dominus EYE’s software ability to rapidly calculate and visualize the challenges that Woodwill faced empowered their team to act in real-time to previously unidentified financial losses, operational malpractice, and rising risks. The EYE has, as a consequence given Woodwill a competitive advantage through foresight as well as enhanced strategies for longer-term sustainability and growth.








In our ambition and constant pursuit of innovation, Dominus Tech has developed and launched innovative first of a kind software DT EYE:

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