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We provide security services across the retail sector, offering on-site guarding and patrols as required by our clients. All of our services are available 24/7; we are in the perfect position to make shopping centres, supermarkets, department stores and any other retail spaces safer. We have SIA Approved Contractor status and any security guards working at your premises will hold the appropriate licence, giving you peace of mind when you choose us.  

To find out more about our retail security services, call 0207 993 4233 or email

Security Officer in Shopping Mall

What security services can we offer to the retail sector?

This is our core service offering for shops, shopping centres and retailers:

  • Security guarding. Every security guard that we deploy is friendly, professional and licensed. We appreciate that they will be customer facing and ensure we find the right person for the job.
  • Key holding and alarm response. This service is offered 24/7, taking care of retail properties out of hours. We can monitor and respond to property and door alarms, fire alarms and panic alarms any time of the day or night. 
  • Mobile patrols. This is a cost-effective way to protect retail premises and act as a deterrent. You will have a regular security presence without needing to employ a permanent on-site security guard.

We offer bespoke, tailor-made packages for each of our clients so we can provide the security services you need. If you also require security for a public or private event, you need crowd management, or you would like other services on a temporary basis, we will adapt to meet your specifications.

Why is retail security important?

Retail and shopping centre security is essential for:

  • Crowd management
  • Deterring thieves and preventing shoplifting
  • Protecting staff and shoppers
  • Preventing anti-social behaviour
  • Preventing vandalism
  • Protecting shops from break ins out of hours
Security Walk through Gates

Shops and shopping centers contain high-value items which need to be protected. It’s also important to protect staff and customers, ensuring they have a safe experience at work and whilst shopping. Security guarding, alarm monitoring and mobile patrols are fundamental in providing this safe experience.

Why choose us to provide retail security services?

We are perfectly placed to provide bespoke retail security services as required. We hold SIA approved contractor status and all security operatives will be thoroughly vetted, and they will have the necessary licence.  

We have more than 10 years’ experience and we pride ourselves on the exceptional service we deliver, working with customers in the retail sector to create safe, secure environments for everyone.

Finding the ideal security guards for shopping centres and retailers

We are fully committed to helping you protect your premises and your people, taking a professional approach and working proactively to find the right solutions for you.

If you would like to discuss our security services for shopping centers and retail premises, and find out how we can work alongside you, please call us on 0207 993 4233 or email